The Iguana Cage Page

I am frequently asked what kinds of enclosures are suitable for iguanas, indoors and out. In response, I have created this page to show what kinds of cages I have found to work best for myself and for others. Some of the photos are of cages I have built, and others are simply scanned images of advertisements in magazines. All represent good foundations on which you can create your own iguana cage.

The menu to the left of your screen will link you to information about each cage I have decided to include. The descriptions below will give you a little overview of what you will see when yo follow each of those links.

Note that no iguana will be happy sitting in a cage for its entire life. All of the cages shown here are used in conjunction with free-roaming time and plenty of human interaction.

Building Ideas
Building With Wire
Information on how to build your own cage using wire: the pros and cons, what kind of wire to buy, how to work with it, and how to modify it.

Building With Glass/Plexi-Glass
Information on using glass and plexi-glass to build your cage.

Building With Wood
Options for building wood-framed cages, tips on what kind of wood to use, and how to treat it.

All Wire Medium Sized Outdoor Cage
The simplest way to build a cage out of nothing but wire. Cylindrical for ease of building, and suitable for outdoor use only (no solid bottom).

All Wire Medium Sized Indoor Cage With Wooden Base
The top and sides are made of wire, and the whole thing slides into a wooden base.

"Starplate" Large Outdoor Cage
A relatively easy way to build a very large outdoor aviary-style cage.

Wood Framed Large Indoor Cage
An idea for a large indoor cage which doesn't decrease your property value.

Purchasing Ideas
Finding a Cage
Tips on where to look if you are interested in buying a cage for your iguana.

Suitable Iguana Cages
Photos of suitable commercial iguana cages, and links to vendors who sell them.

Suitable Bird Cages (for Iguanas)
Photos of commercial bird cages which make great iguana cages.


Adam Britton
Jennifer Swofford