The Iguana Cage Page

Finding a Cage

My favorite place to shop for iguana cages (or iguana cage ideas) has always been Bird Talk Magazine. I've found most bird cages to be more suitable for iguanas than most iguana cages. Any issue of Bird Talk will have dozens of cages for sale within its pages. In fact, most of the "Purchasing Ideas" I give here are cages designed for birds.

In the past couple years, more iguana cages have entered the scene, and a few have impressed me. I haven't yet found many "iguana cages" suitable for multiple adult iguanas, however.

There are many herp supply companies on the web - check out The Basking Spot's section on suppliers for a list of links. Some cages are more suitable for iguanas than others. Here I have included a list of things to keep in mind when shopping for an iguana cage. Also check out my sections called Suitable Iguana Cages and Suitable Bird Cages for specific suggestions.

Tips for finding an ideal iguana cage:

- Buy the largest cage you can afford. Even if your iguana is a baby, remember that in 2 short years it will be at least 3 feet long.
- If you must buy a small cage (smaller than about 3' x 3') for your juvenile iguana, a cage with wire mesh is an OK choice. But wire mesh is NOT recommended for a larger cage. An iguana weighing 5-15 pounds will not be supported by wire mesh.
- Try to find a cage in which you can mount (or on the top of which you can set) heating lamps and full spectrum fluorescent bulbs. If you do plan to use full spectrum bulbs (which you must do if your iguana does not get exposure to natural, unfiltered sunlight) make sure that the iguana is exposed to direct exposure to the bulb, unfiltered by glass or Plexi-glass.
- Try to find a cage which is at least as tall and wide as your iguana is long.