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All Wire Medium Sized Indoor Cage with Wooden Base

This cage is constructed using 16 gauge galvanized steel wire which I order from Da-Mar's Equipment Co. (call 1-800-952-8669 for a catalog), and I also constructed a wooden base for it. I had nothing but hand tools when building the cage (except for a drill) so it was crudely constructed. The very bottom is simply a piece of plywood, and eight 2" x 8"'s were screwed to it. The rectangular shaped wire construction was built first, and the base was built around it so that the wire fit down in between the 2" x 8"'s all the way around. The wire section can be lifted up out of the base for cleaning and moving purposes. A few years ago I made a habit of painting all my wood with tub & tile paint to seal it, and that's what I used on this cage. It's extremely nasty stuff and I do not recommend it. I've since switched to polyurethane or regular exterior paint. The door to this cage is a panel of wire, simply attached with some hooks attached to some springs. Not a good door design, but it worked. This cage measured approximately 4' x 4' x 3', and housed three smallish (under 3 feet) iguanas. This particular photo shows only a few logs inside the cage; shelves attached at different heights along the back and sides, along with a ramp or two, would be much more effective. Da-Mar's also sells steel pans which can be used as bases to wire cages.