The Iguana Cage Page

All Wire Medium Sized Outdoor Cage

This cage is constructed exclusively of 16 gauge galvanized steel cage wire. I order mine through Da-Mar's Equipment Co. (call 1-800-952-8669 for a catalog) and it is pretty inexpensive. I simply use wire cutters and needle-nosed pliers (gloves are also recommended) to cut the wire to the size I need it and to bend the wire around itself to keep it together. When necessary, I use a Dremel Moto-Tool to grind down any sharp edges. This cage was built for outdoor use and has no bottom other than the wire. I use a hose to wash wastes away. The wire is originally a silvery color; this one has been spray-painted with a non-toxic paint. The door is "hinged" to the cage with small sections of the cage wire bent into rings, and a hook attached to a spring is used to close the door. Two four-foot iguanas are in the cage in this photograph. This cage would not be large enough to house both of them all the time; this is simply their Saturday afternoon outdoor cage.