The Complete Guide to Keeping Giant Green Iguanas in Captivity

If You Need Help
(iguana mailing list, newsgroups, #iguanas chat, e-mail me, printing, downloading)

(variety, the good stuff, calcium and phosphorus, dangers, cat/dog food, commercial diets, pizza, vitamin supplementation, water, when to feed, how to feed, appetite)

(free-roaming, caging, heating and lighting, ultraviolet light, photoperiod, substrate, humidity, ventilation, plants, multiple iguanas)

Growth, Maintenance, and Behavior
(physical appearance, nail trimming, bathing, the poop, growth, sexing, reproduction, handling, shedding, head bobbing, sneezing)

Health Care
(veterinary care, quarantine, external parasites, internal parasites, sneezing, tail loss, burns, nose abrasions, wounds and abscesses, constipation, food refusal, lethargy, metabolic bone disease, salmonellosis, summary)

Table 1: Nutritional Content of Fruits and Vegetables

Table 2: Calcium to Phosphorus Ratios

Table 3: Toxic Plants

Suggestions for Further Reading
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