Suggestions for Further Reading


Check out my main Iguana Links page for a more complete list of recommended links. Here are just a few sites that I recommend:

Melissa Kaplan's Giant Green Iguana Information Collection

Wong's Green Iguana Heaven

Cat Rigby's House of Galahad


Green Iguana - The Ultimate Owner's Manual, by James W. Hatfield III

Iguana Iguana: Guide fo Successful Captive Care, by Frederick L. Frye

DeVosjoli, P: The Green Iguana Manual. Advanced Vivarium Systems, Lakeside, CA, 1992; 71 pp.

I received all of the information for my nutrition tables from Food Values of Portions Commonly Used, by Jean A.T. Pennington


Here is a very limited list of recommended article references. A more thorough bibliography will soon be available at my Bibliography of Iguanid Biology and Husbandry site.

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