If You Need Help

Iguanas Mailing List

There is a mailing list devoted to green iguanas which is a wonderful resource for ongoing help and discussion on iguanas. There are upwards of 700 people who read and contribute to the mailing list, and by posing a question to the list, you are likely to receive many helpful replies. This can help you receive the information you need, and helps take the strain off me. (Unfortunately, I receive more e-mail questions than I can ever answer.) I am a member of the mailing list, and answer questions almost daily. But there are many other people on the mailing list who also offer helpful advice, so everybody wins by utilizing this resource.


There is a newsgroup called rec.pets.herp which you can turn to if you have questions about any reptile or amphibian. Thousands of people read and contribute to this newsgroup, so if you have questions, that's always a good place to turn for help. As with the Iguanas Mailing List, posting to the newsgroup can help answer your question, as well as take the direct strain off of me.


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I hope to have a Microsoft Word version of this guide available for downloading in the near future. Until then, this guide is only available as you see it now, on the World-Wide Web. Please watch this space for further information.