The Iguanids

Anolis spp.

Family: Iguanidae
carolinensis (green anole)
equestris (knight anole)
Range: Southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico

The green anole (Anolis carolinensis) is one of the most popular pet lizards. They are very inexpensive and do not require large encosures. They are frequently used as "feeder" lizards for these reasons. A. carolinensis has a small body, reaching 22 centimeters total length. Their tails are about twice the length of their bodies. Coloring ranges from dull brown to bright green, but they are always solid colored. Their scales are very small, giving their skin a very smooth texture. Their bodies are dorso-ventrally flattened, and they typically have very pointed snouts. The green anole has a large gular pouch which can be bright orange in color.

For Anolis carolinensis, provide a temperature gradient ranging from 25-30 degrees celcius during the day, dropping to 25 degrees celcius at night. Heat is best provided by an incandescent basking light at one end of the cage. At night, heat may be provided by an under-tank heater (UTH) or a ceramic heat emitter (CHE). Oplurus species are insectivores, so provide a variety of powdered and/or gut-loaded insects. (As with all insectivorous species, try to offer more than simply crickets and mealworms, and never offer mealworms as the main portion of the diet.) Exposure to natural sunlight and/or artificial ultraviolet radiation is beneficial.

Anolis species are egg-layers. Several clutches of 1-2 eggs may occur every year, and incubation should last for 60-90 days at about 30 degrees celcius.