Welcome to The Iguana Pages! I created this site in order to give my iguana information pages a centralized home base. After all, it's all information about the same animal family (actually, eight separate families - read The Iguanids for details), so you might as well be able to visit one web site and have it all available right there.

I hope you will find these pages easy to use. It has a simple structure: it is one giant web site consisting of several mini-sites. Names and descriptions of the mini-sites are listed below. Every page in the site will contain the navigational panel which you can now see at the left side of your browser window. The selections in that panel will link you, at any time, to any mini-site you choose. And you can return to this introduction page at any time by clicking on the "Iguana Pages" logo at the top of this page.

Here are names and descriptions of the mini-sites included in the Giant Green Iguana Pages:

The Complete Guide to Keeping Giant Green Iguanas in Captivity
This online book contains information about all aspects of captive care. Topics include nutrition, housing, maintenance, behavior, and illnesses. Appendices contain nutritional tables of fruits and vegetables, as well as a table of calcium to phosphorus ratios and a list of toxic plants.

The Iguana Cage Page
My experiences with and recommendations on appropriate cages for adult iguanas.

Should I Get an Iguana? Or: The Top 5 Contributors to Early Iguana Death
A frank discussion about why iguanas are ill-suited for captivity and should only be kept by exceedingly serious and conscientious individuals.

The Iguanids
Captive care and natural history about relatives of the green iguana called "iguanids".

Iguana Links
Links to other selected sites pertaining to the Giant Green Iguana. All are highly recommended!